Saturday, 22 October 2016

Artist's Profile

Rahul Setlur

A resident of Bangalore a student of BA 2nd year in open university. He is learning Carnatic Vocal and Mridangam from World Music Conservatory.Under a year ago Rahul has delved in the world of art and painting. Colours of nature has truly inspired him to not just a “GoodPainter” but to become a renowned artist one day. Art must be pleasing to the observer of my work and soothing enough for their soul; I truly believe. Though a feeble attempt I hope the display touches one's creative chord or two.

Devangini Das

Born in Rourkela, Odisha but raised across India and the US. Currently, pursuing my secondary studies at Bangalore. From Barbie dolls to ethnic bright clothing which I still do crave for. To put on paper a still or photograph is my fascination. She has completed over a handful of canvas paintings based on acrylic and watercolours.

Sarita Das

Born and educated at Rourkela in Odisha. She holds a science and law degree. Sarita has completed a number of canvas paintings based on acrylic and watercolors besides drawings and sketches. She has a strong fascination towards pot painting that is widely practised by her state tribals.

Shriya Sreenivas

A resident of Bangalore aged 9 pursuing class 4 at National Public School. From a very young age Shriya has showed interest in paintings which her parents encouraged. Her father Dr.Sreenivas to has followed Shriya footsteps by enrolling for art classes and has now grown as a budding artist too.

Dr. Sreenivasa Murthy TM,

Dr.Sreenivas is working as a Consultant ENT Surgeon at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital and Srinivas speciality ENT centre.. He is meritorious all through his education. Over the past year, he has been learning art which works in tandem to conducting surgeries over several decades that requires keen hand-eye coordination.

Rahul Ragavan

Rahul Ragavan is 10 years. From his early years, he has been drawing the things he sees around, cars, cartoons, animals etc. We decided to enroll him in a formal art class under Mr. Satish. Over the past 1 1/2 years, Rahul has been introduced to various kinds of art works, pencil sketches, water colors, charcoal, acrylic etc. He is learning different techniques of brush strokes, color combinations, layering etc. He is enjoying his art classes.

Thrishanth Kumar

My son Thrishanth Kumar who is joined oyva art class last year for painting class and after joining art class he improved a lot in his painting skill he him self learned the talent to paint alone all this credit goes to Mr.Satish who is a painting teacher of Thrishathkumar and we r very much thankful to Satish sir

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