Saturday, 22 October 2016


Born in Tamil Nadu

Nakul Nanda Krsna

Born in Bangalore a student of class 5 at Shree Swaminarayana Gurukul.He has been training in art just over a year.He has completed several works of art using acrylic,crayons,pastels ,charcoal pencil etc.

Anaga Krsna
Born in Bangalore a student of class 1 at Cluny convent. She dabbed into art just over a year. She has completed several work of art like a mask drawing with charcoal ,crayons ,water colour,poster colour n also has completed a canvas .

Born in Hyderabad a student of class 4 at Brigade School. He has been a student of art just over 1 and half years. His parents are proud of his talent which include concentration and dedication when it  comes to creativity.

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